Melvin vs Kronk



An electrifying game of perception and agility

In Melvin vs Kronk, players try to conquer gems, but for that they need to be faster than their opponents. Clever eyes and quick slaps will be necessary for you to guarantee yourself in the fight for victory and in the game.

Melvin vs Kronk is a game created in Brazil, by Brazilian designers.

Price: BRL 34,90

What's in the game?

48 "Versus" cards

In the game, whenever two cards face up on the table are identical, players must rush to hit the center of the table. But it’s not that easy to identify identical cards…

Fun Penalties

Sometimes those who rush to the table hit the wrong time. If that happens, nothing is fairer than taking a penalty. It could be keeping your arm behind your back, covering one eye…

Lots of gems but some tough choices

In addition to being faster, the player will also need to be smarter, because he will have to share his treasure with one more player.

Special effects

Among the precious stones are special effects. In your hands they can be very useful, in the hands of others they can hinder you a lot.

Price: BRL 34,90

Price: BRL 34,90

Marcio Miguel
Marcio Miguel
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Jogo simples, rápido e que exige raciocínio ágil e mão veloz. Muito divertido, garante boas risadas. Não jogue em mesa de vidro!
Thomas Thiago
Thomas ThiagoThomas Thiago
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Bom pra começar o clima de competição
Rodrigo Deus
Rodrigo DeusRodrigo Deus
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Surpreendente! Melvin vs Kronk é um jogo brasileiro com qualidade de mecânicas, simplicidade de regras e muitos tapas e diversão! Divertido TODAS as idades.Ser o mais rápido pode render algumas poucas dores nas mãos, mas nada que tire a diversão do jogo!